I had a lot of bodywork repairs done to my Vitesse some years ago. Looking at it again February 2007 I think the time is coming up when I may have to have a second partial rebuild.

Should I get a replacement bulkhead like this as spotted on eBay or get some local repairs done.

photograph of a bulkheadphotograph of rusty floor

The rust at the base of A post is what concerns me most.  The metal is a complex shape and fabrication takes time and therefore costs money.  Also the post is full of foam - an idea from John Kipping to keep the water out. 


canleyclassics sent you the following private message February 21st, 2007, 1:14pm)


We are planning on doing the whole side of the panel that's missing from the Fitchet 'complete' floor assembly. So that's the bit front to back, including body mounts, and the whole of the bit under the A post. Should be up to our guys usual standards, i.e a complete replica of the Stanpart original. We were discussing this yesterday and have provisionally agreed a cost price per unit on it. We even talked about reviving the Vitesse front panel tooling/manufacturing plans! We are generally happy with the way the Vitesse/Herald panel market is going at the moment and still think it's worth looking at new stuff for future production.