Planning permission

Do you need permission? A quick telephone call to your local authority planning department will sort that. Even if you are pretty sure you do not call the planners to check. Talk to your neighbours building work is likely to be disruptive so get them onside before you start.

You need plans to get planning permissions - get them done by a professional. Money well sent.

Conservation area consent

I quote from some very useful notes prepared by the Victorian Society which you can view at

In practical terms, what does conservation area status mean?
In all conservation areas, special planning permission (conservation area consent) is required for the following alterations:


Try to think like a burglar.  How would you get in.   Laminated glass is expensive but is very much more difficult to break than normal glass.

Consider having an alarm fitted and linking it into the house system if you have one. Very useful if your garage is not attached your house.


What ever anybody tells you size does matter.

Project Planning

It will take longer to build than planned.


My garage brickwork was done by Tony Wright mobile 07845 678627 or by email

Photo of garage


It will cost more than you the figure you first thought of.