Over the years I have collected many Triumph car service manuals and workshop manuals. Here are some downloadable workshop manuals. Most of these are PDF copies of the original factory publications.

Triumph Parts Catalogues I have got catalogues for many Triumph cars including Spitfire, TR4, TR6.


Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A factory service manual TR2, TR3, TR3A factory service manual An american 1976 reprint of the drivers instruction book and the official service manuals

TR2 TR3 TR4 TR4A colour wiring diagram


TR6 Repair Operation manual I have extracted the factory manual TR6 wiring diagrams to a separate smaller file. TR250, TR6 Colour wire diagrams.

Triumph TR6 Repair Operation Manual

Dolomite Sprint

Triumph_Dolomite_Sprint_Repair_Operations Manual

Triumph Dolomite Sprint Repair Operation Manual.


TR7 Service manual otherwise known as the Repair Operation Manual.

Triumph TR7 Repair Operations Manual

TR7 TR8 Rover 3500 fuel injection manual

TR7 TR8 Rover 3500 Fuel Injection manual for the 1980 model year covering Emission and Evaporative Loss Control Equipment and Maintenance Information

TR8 Owners Glovebox Manual

TR8 Owners manual - The in car glovebox manual.

Triumph TR3A Owners Manual

TR3 Owner Manual the original glove box manual


Triumph TR4 Workshop Manual

TR4 Workshop manual


Triumph Stag Repair Operations Manual

Stag Workshop Repair Operation Manual

I have extracted the Triumph Stag wiring diagrams to a separate smaller file - Here is colour wiring diagram.

Stag Repair Operations Times - this lists the time taken to do the tasks described in the Operations Manual and would have used by the garage doing the service to calculate the labour cost.

Herald GT6 Vitesse Spitfire

Herald 1200, 12/50, Vitesse and Spitfire workshop manual

Herald 1200, 12/50, Vitesse and Spitfire workshop manual Covers Vitesse 1600 and early Spitfires only (Mk1 and Mk2 1147cc).

Spitfire Mk3 handbook The in glove box owners manual.

GT6 Vitesse Workshop manual The factory workshop manual covers GT6 1, 2,3 and Vitesse + Vitesse Mk2.

Triumph GT6 1 2 3 and Vitesse 2 litre Workshop Manual

Standard Vanguard I & II and "Renown" models

Service Instruction Manual for the Standard Vanguard I & II and Triumph "Renown" models

Here is a copy of the works manual

Service Instuction Manual Standard Vanguard I & II and Triumph Renown models

Triumph Renown Owners Handbook

The object of this book is to paint a clear picture in the owners mind of the cars needs

Triumph Renown owners handbook


Triumph Mayflower Service Manual

Triumph Mayflower Service Instruction Manual

Triumph 1800

Triumph 1800 Instruction Book 1948 edition 2. Deals with both Roadster and Saloon.

Triumph 1800 Instruction Book

Standard Vanguard Spare Parts Catalogue - engine only

1800 Saloon, Roadster, Renown and Mayflower wiring diagrams

Thanks to Rui on the Club Triumph forum for these wiring diagrams. Click on the images to get a bigger version.

Triumph Saloon 1948-1949 wiring diagramTriumph Renown 1950-1952 wiring diagramTriumph Roadster 1948-1949 wiring diagramTriumph Mayflower wiring diagram


Also found this set of instructions for fitting the tonneau cover to Triumph Herald or Vitesse convertable.

A Type overdrive service instruction manual