Got this from the Club Triumph Forum


I'm surprised you got a 2.5 sump to fit, as I found the front chassis cross member fouled it - the step in the 2.5 sump I had was more sloped, so that it projected further forward than a Vitesse sump.

The solution is to beat out TWO bumps into the Vitesse sump. I did this with a small pean headed hammer and a sand bag. The official panel beaters bag is of leather, but I found that one made of denim, in fact the last foot of the leg of some old jeans, does very well for occasional use. Sew up one end, put a plastic bag in side and fill it with sand (loosely, not tight) fold over the plastic bag's top and sew up the sand bag. The plastic bag will help the sand to stay inside until you have finished sewing!

The gap between the bumps should retain its' original height, to clear the rack. Check for clearance by placing a small piece of BluTack in the bump and rotating the crank. Cut the BluTack with a sharp knife to see how thin it is, and go for at least 2mm of clearance.

The other way would be to beat a similar arch in a 2.5 sump to clear the rack. However, this would need to go right up the wall of the sump, and I fear that it would crease and risk cracking at this point.

Nicked this from TSSC Courier magazine

scanned copy of a magazine article

scanned copy of a magazine article