Over the years I have collected all sorts of manuals and workshop manuals. My collection of workshop and maintenance manuals are available at Service Manuals and Parts Manuals

Here are some other Triumph related downloadable manuals

Standard Triumph Hardware catalogue

Standard Triumph Hardware Catalogue With this guide you can work out what those parts numbers mean in terms of type and length of fastener. Relevant for all Triumphs.

Zeus data charts and reference tables

Zeus data charts and reference tables Ever wondered what size bit you need to drill a hole. Essential reference to identify threads etc. Deals with whitworth, UNF, UNC and metric threads amongst others.

Tuning SU Carburetters

Tuning SU Carburetters

A great book full of tables and images of S.U. carbs. Section 1 is a 4 point guide to getting the best performance and economy. Section 2 Servicing, dismantling and reassembly. Section 3 Tuning twins. Apendix 1 Carburetter specifications. Appendix 2 Needle charts.

Tuning Triumphs over 1300cc by David Vizard

Tuning Triumphs over 1300cc by David Vizard An interesting read even if you do not what to modify your car. Of interest to Vitesse, GT6 and other 6 cylinder Triumphs.

Repairing-Jaeger-and-Smiths-Speedometers by Anthony Rhodes Repairing-Jaeger-and-Smiths-Speedometers by Anthony Rhodes

Tuning Stromberg Carbs

Tuning Stromberg CD Carburetters Explains how several different types of Stromberg CD carbs work. Covers adjusting and cleaning; synchronising twins together with specifications, applications and needle charts.