Lucas Manuals

Over the years I have collected a number of manuals produced by Lucas or about Lucas parts and servicing. My collection of Lucas PI Manuals is on a separate page.

Lucas Fault Diagnosis Manual

A general guide to finding and sorting electrical faults:  Lucas Electrical Fault Diagnosis Service Manual.

Lucas_Fault_Diagnosis_Manual - click here to download

Lucas Equipment and Service Parts

Lucas Girling produced catalogues of their Standard Triumph equipment and service parts.These catalogues list all the lucas bits fitted to cars made in that year. There are pictures of all the components and both Lucas and Standard Triumph part numbers.

Here is a copy of Equipment and Service Parts for 1969.

front page of Lucas Standard-Triumph 1969 parts and service items catalogue - click here to download

Here is the Lucas 1965 Standard-Triumph-Leyland Quality Equipment and Spare Parts Catalogue from CanleyClasics

Also from 1971

Triumph Cars - Lucas Girling 1971

Lucas Bulbs

This catalogue lists bulbs by product number and shows details of the voltage, watts, type, cap and filament. There are diagrams of each bulb showing size and the layout of the terminals etc.

Lucas Bulbs

Lucas Windscreen wipers

Lucas made windscreen wipers, windscreen motors, screenjets, wipers arms in fact everthing you need to clear your windscreen. This catalogue shows images of all the bits with detailed parts numbers.

Lucas Windscreen Wipers

Lucas Generator and Control Box Tests

This booklet produced in 1963 details the servicing and fault finding of Lucas Generators and Control Boxes.

Lucas Generator and Control Box Tests

Lucas Equipment for 1948 to 1962 cars

Lucas Equipment 1948 to 1962 carsLucas Equipment for 1948 to 1962 cars

Lucas Distributors

An article about tuning the advance curve of Lucas distributors, 23D/25D and 43D/45D types. I found this on a site well worth visting.

Lucas Relays and Switches

I have a pdf copy of a lucas catalogue of about Lucas relays and switches. This has proved very useful when trying to work out which terminal to connect. It has details of many different switches and relays as fitted to Standard Triumph cars and of course many other cars of that period.

sample page from Lucas Relays and switches catalogue