dipping rear view mirror

This is the type of dipping mirror I was looking to use in my Triumph Vitesse saloon. I already had a dipping rear view mirror in my Vitesse. I think it came from a big saloon. Trouble it started to shake at speed. It has has a link between the mirror and the stalk that attaches to the header rail.

I asked what dipping mirror would fit to the Vitesse that a Triumph breaker might have? I missed one on eBay see picture left which would have been ideal.

I know I could get a mirror from somewhere like Halfords that would need sticking on the glass or hold on by suction but would prefer a Triumph part if poss. I have asked a few traders what they have available. Unfortunately Geoff at Wins & Co from whom I have got some good stuff in the past could not help this time 09 May 2006.

I also know that the sun visors will need cutting down to size as all the dipping mirrors are bigger than the original equipment non-dipping mirror, unless you know of a small dipping mirror.

During a visit to Canley Classics David Pearson showed me their collection of bits and pieces of cars that have been broken over the years. What an amazing collection. We found a spare dipping mirror.

Whilst trying to sort the problem I took pictures of several Triumph mirrors which can be viewed at this online photo album: dipping mirror slideshow.  or pictures