A collection of downloadable Triumph car workshop manuals and catalogues. Together with factory produced training stuff and lots Lucas resources. Have you got anything you can share? Contact me.

I have material related to many Triumph cars including Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse, 2500, Stag, 2000, Dolomite Sprint, TR4, TR3, TR5, TR6, TR7 and TR8. I am happy to share these things with fellow Triumph enthusiasts

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Triumph Parts Catalogues I have got catalogues for many Triumph cars. Spitfire, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR250, TR5. TR6, TR7, Dolomite Sprint and Vitesse Mk2.

Repair Operations Times Factory produced manual that show the time taken to do repair operations and servicing. I have copies for the TR2 & TR3, TR7, Stag and combined edition that covers GT6, TR4A, Herald 1200/1250, 1300, 2000 and Vitesse 1600/2000.

Service Manuals PDF copies of several Triumph workshop manuals (sometimes called Repair Operations Manuals) including TR6, GT6/Vitesse, Stag Repair Operations and Dolomite Sprint Repair Operation + TR7, TR2, TR3, TR4, Mayflower, 1800 and Renown.

Service Training Notes Triumph produced training material. Here are copies of some of that material. These notes were originally given out as a record of a training course given to staff who serviced the cars. The staff would have first watched a film. It would be good if somebody could digitise those films.

Dealer Training Notes More stuff for training the trade.

Lucas Stuff

  1. manuals and catalogues including the Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual.
  2. wiring 2 speed wipers.
  3. What no one told you about PI
  4. Lucas Petrol Injection Manuals

Motor Trader a page with copies of service information for various Triumph cars including TR2, TR3, Renown, 1800, Mayflower and early Herald.

Standard Motor Trader a page with copies of service info about some Standard cars including: Atlas Van, Ensign, 8 and 10.

PI Project Some pages about my project to fit a 2.5 PI engine into my Vitesse.

  1. Inertia switch why, what and where.
  2. System layout
  3. Useful sources of info and parts

Other Manuals Some more downloadable manuals relevant to Triumph cars. Includes Tuning SU Carburetters and Tuning Stromberg CD Carburetters.

Dipping rear view mirror Fitting a dipping rear view mirror to my Vitesse.

Garage project Some pages about the planning, building and fitting out of my garage.

Vitessegrill  Some pictures to show how the various parts fit together to make up the grill.

Harry Webster some write ups upon his death

Wheel nuts A page to help me track down some new wheelnuts.

Rusty bits

Ignition ballast removal An article borrowed from the Dolomite Wiki website

Heater valve A picture of how the water hoses fit to the Triumph Vitesse Mk2.

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